Hosting and Domain Registration

Kenyon Enterprises is currently using as a host for websites it creates.  As of May 5th, 2015, the fees to transfer your Domain Name and host a 10 gig website for one year, or register a new Domain Name and receive 10 gigs of space for hosting is $50.00. Email accounts are available for no extra charge with your paid registered website and hosting plan. To get your new Domain Name and set up hosting with takes about 24 to 48 hours.  If we are transferring your existing Domain Name to it can take a little longer.

We will transfer or register your Domain Name and set up hosting your website with for one year.  If after that year you would like to renew the current rate is $46.99.  We will set up Hosting, Managing and Servicing your website for one year.  All this is included in one low price.  Kenyon Enterprises makes Hosting and Name Registration simple.  Some marketing techniques are included.

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Hosting and Domain Registration

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